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Nov 11, 2021
With the increasing concern of dull chainsaw blades stopping users from cutting down trees efficiently, there has been an increased need to sharpen the chainsaw. More and more chainsaw users are surfing the internet and exploring the manuals to find ways to sharpen their chainsaws. This article sheds some light on the issue and shares valuable insight on how to sharpen a chainsaw.

Your Comprehensive Guide On How To Untangle A Chainsaw Chain

The chainsaw chain consists of a series of sharp teeth without any blade in it. If you store it, the chains will become tangled up, which will later become trouble while untangling. However, with the right technique, patience and proper knowledge, even a newbie can untangle a chainsaw chain. If you use your chainsaw machine to cut wood or tree, you will mostly face this common issue of a tangled chain saw. In such a situation, if you want to avoid destroying your chainsaw or prevent postponing work, you must learn and understand how to untangle a chainsaw chain.

If you follow the instructions and steps precisely, untangling the chainsaw saw will be no hassle for you. You must avoid making things too complicated and go for resolving the issue immediately. If left untreated, you may encounter some dangerous situations too. The metal-made chain with sharp teeth can cause injury to your hand. This is why ensure your safety by taking all the precautionary steps in advance. So, let’s dive in.

How To Untangle A Chainsaw Chain

Easy Steps To Untangle a Chainsaw Chain

Below are a few easy steps that you must take a look at to untangle your chainsaw chain. Check this five-step guide with valuable insight into untangling your chainsaw chain to ensure that it’s straight and useable.

Step 1: Prepare Your Chainsaw Chain

The situations can be uncertain for your chainsaw chain as they can be new, old, or jammed. If the chainsaw chain is new, wear your chainsaw gloves to avoid the sharp edges to protect your finger or hand from any cut or injury. If working on an old chainsaw chain, you need to use lubricating to make its surface smoother than before. Ensure not to spill oil drops here and there as it may cause an accident. Give an oil bath if you find the chain to be too rusted. If your chainsaw chain is jammed, use a screwdriver or wrench tool to open and remove the chain off the chainsaw. Now, move to the next step.

Step 2: Look For The Two Opposite Loops Of The Chain

This is considered the starting point to untangle your chainsaw chain where most people get confused. Well, there is nothing to get puzzled about as you need to simply look for the best two opposite loops on the chain.

After finding the loop, place each hand on both loops and use the two hands to hang it down while holding the loops. If you don’t have a troublesome and complex untangling condition, the issue should get solved by now. If not, there is nothing to worry about as you have decreased the level of complication involved in untangling, making you ready to move for the next step ahead.

Easy Steps To Untangle a Chainsaw Chain

Step 3: Converting Two Loops Into A Single Loop

To make things hassle-free, you need to convert the two loops into a single loop. How you may ask? As you found the two opposite loops of the chain, similarly make a loop bigger to the point where it converts into one single loop. Now, place your hands on two opposite loops and make the chain larger by using slack on the chainsaw chain.

Step 4: Untangling The Chainsaw Chain

If you have made the chain a single loop chain after slacking, it’s time for you to untangle it. Now, keep both your hands on the chain and look out for the lowest part in it. Once you find out the lowest part of the chain, keep it in a vertical position. After that, you can easily uplift the part to untangle a chainsaw chain due to the gravitational force.

The reason behind it is quite simple. As you ensure a higher energy rate against the gravitational force, gravity starts to pull and open the distorted parts of the chainsaw chain automatedly. Follow this step after ensuring two loops for twice or thrice more until every distorted part gets opened.

Step 5: Spread To Untangle One By One

After following all these steps and tricks, if you didn’t receive that many results and were left with some distorted portions of your chain, it’s time for you to go in-depth. Now, untangle every available distorted chain portion by concentrating on each one of them.

You can make things hassle-free by spreading every single distorted portion as much away from each other as possible until you find no tangled loops on your table.

Tips to Taking Care of Your Chainsaw Chain

Tips to Taking Care of Your Chainsaw Chain

Even if it’s not completely possible, you can always lower the risk of chainsaw chain disturbance. Proper care and well-maintenance are the keys to ensuring a long and productive tenure for your chainsaw chain.

The easy and simplest way to take care of your chainsaw chain is to ensure whether they are clean, well-lubricated, and the teeth are sharpened or not. You must clean the debris from your chainsaw after every use and keep it somewhere it won’t get damaged or rusty. If you take care of your chainsaw chain, you can always prevent it from tangling.

  • Never use your chainsaw to cut anything apart from wood as it may cause damage to the chain and the chainsaw too.
  • Ensure to maintain a good tensioning modification for your chainsaw chain and bar to boost their longevity.
  • Use the best quality lubricating oil in the chain to make it smoother and better.
  • You must use a low kickback chain if you’re a beginner.
  • Ensure avoiding dropping down the chain by checking on its tension.
  • Use a protective cover on the chainsaw bar whenever not in use.


So, finally, you can easily untangle a chainsaw without any hassle, but it’s crucial to always wear protective gear. Learn, try and apply the steps given above to stop wasting too much time on untangling the chain. So, get the best use of this guide and enjoy a seamless untangling experience.

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